Chucky James

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2006 Small Meadows Ct.

Greenville, S.C. 29644

Born James E. Watkins Sept 23 in Greenville, South Carolina. As a child James was given the nick name Chucky which has followed him well into Adult hood. Chucky have always loved music. Through by one of his mentors/uncle was introduced to the Recording Studio. He taught me Song structure. While in High School Chucky attended the file arts school. Chucky started writing songs in Middle school. His aunt brought his first electric guitar. While in high school Chucky took guitar lessons which bored him greatly, Until one of his mentors showed him the guitar riffs, and chord structures. Chucky is self taught Musician.

My Music consists of Titles and songs that every, and anybody can relate with. My music is different, it is fresh, it contains real Musicians. The Songs are about love, lust of the heart, romance of the mind if you are a deep thought thinker. These songs took quite of bit of thought and thinking to make. My hopes of reaching people reminding the listening minds that it’s ok to love, That it’s ok to wish for love, The lessoning of not knowing the one you’re with. Last my music is a gift from me to the world it’s all magic!

Chucky James