Ciara Michelle

For fans of:Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey

Writing her first poem at the age of 9, Ciara Michelle was already trying to find herself. Little did she know, she’d never (figuratively) put her pen back down. Emulating her idols Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, and Madonna, she started singing and performing in talent shows at the age of 10.

While in a band in middle school, she continued to discover her own power in a lyrical way. At the age of 14 she was already recording and being approached to write for other artist’s projects. Happy to oblige, Ciara Michelle began building up her now extensive catalog. Now, with the help of a home recording studio, she now has more demos recorded than she can count.

Ciara Michelle has performed in bars, coffee shops, weddings, in clubs, and on radio shows. She has an ability to entertain a range of audiences. Her voice appeals to not only the young pop audience, but to older rock and even jazz fans. While she has her own style, she is often compared to a sleu of well-known artists in a vocal and songwriting sense. Throughout her career her voice has been compared to Joss Stone, Alicia Keys, and Christina Aguilera. Songwriting wise she ranges from the styles of Mariah Carey to Lady Gaga. Ciara Michelle writes pop, R&B, rock, country and each has it’s own particular brand of soul. Ciara Michelle writes all of her own lyrics but she loves to collaborate as well. She feels it’s essential to her artistry that she make her own statement with every song if possible. Even if the message is to dance and have a good time, she wants to say it her way.

Ciara Michelle also enjoys the production aspect of her music. She always works very closely with her co-writers and producers to convey the mood of each song properly. For her, music is her way of being understood. Self-expression is paramount to her success as a human being so she works hard to push boundaries and force herself to write differently all the time.

She is known for being energetic and vocally strong on stage and grows as a performance artist each time she takes the stage. Her passion is music and having one conversation with Ciara Michelle makes that quite evident. There’s no holding back for her when it comes to being an artist. She is vulnerable and strong at the same time.

Her first EP, “A Doll’s House” has a definitive message of overcoming oppression. Taking the title from the Henrick Ibsen play, she feels she embodied the lead character, Nora’s struggle during the recording sessions of that EP.

Ciara Michelle’s new three song EP, “Turn Up the Volume” demands just that. Listeners will have fun, feel triumphant, and learn something simultaneously. “Everyone should hear this project because it’s versatile. It truly has something for everybody.”