Civilized Creature

For fans of:Bibio, Tame Impala, Boards of Canada, Bonobo

Civilized Creature, the brainchild of singer-songwriter/producer Ryan Lane, hails from and well-represents the Pacific Northwest, with its peculiar combination of indie pop, underground rap, and psychedelic turntablism.

Lane began his musical journey with the eclectic lo-fi EP Beast of Formalities. With the six subsequent releases since then, Lane has raised the bar. Civilized Creature’s most recent album, The Way Back Home, represents yet another stage of development. Here, you can hear the prolific Lane beginning to settle down into a confidently under-stated poise.

Neither reticent nor verbose now, Civilized Creature drops most of the spoken word rap in his latest release, choosing instead to let the music speak for itself. Hardly a word has been heard, but volumes have been communicated.

Ryan Lane of Civilized Creature lives in Gig Harbor, Washington with his wife Rebekah and their five children.