Cole DeRuse

For fans of:Eminem, Tech N9ne, Logic, Andy Mineo, Rittz

Cole DeRuse is a 26-year-old hip hop artist from Kansas City. He started writing poetry in a creative writing class during his sophomore year of high school and fell in love with being able to express himself in such a creative way. This creative writing class was the initial spark that eventually ignited a whole-hearted passion for hip hop music. And as the years go by, that fire hasn’t dwindled in the slightest.

Today, his music is positive, yet edgy, challenging, and full of hope. Some say he has a bit of a Macklemore feel, while others say he sounds like Eminem, but Cole’s aim is to be himself. He draws inspiration from rappers like Macklemore for his transparency, Andy Mineo for his faith-based content, and Eminem for his versatility. Hip Hop was never part of the original plan though. “As a kid, I just wanted to be the next Ninja Turtle or Power Ranger,” Cole says. “My goals and ambitions had nothing to do with music.”

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