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Vital on 10th

Vital on 10th by Comic Book Opera
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For fans of:John Coltrane, Balkan Beat Box, Dead Can Dance
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  1. The bright and shiny prize
  2. Jay's red fez
  3. Five block walk
  4. Gypsy taksim
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Back in a long past life, Connie and Jesse were living in New York City, living the life. It was Schwinn cruisers, clothing design for Soho shops, brownstone walk ups, lard bread, and music music music. After having the roof crash in all over

the floor of their top floor rehearsal studio on 14th St, after many nights of 8th floor elevator failure, the Walkershaw's moved the band over to Vital Music on East 10th. With only a single flight of stairs into the cellar, this made loading in and out for shows much more hospitable, but best of all, the Vital rooms were mic'd for recording, and for an extra few sheckles, if Dan wasn't out walking Humphrey the studio dog, a 1/4 inch tape could be had of whatever you wanted to roll.

These 4 songs are simple live takes, without the artifice of mixing, so sometimes the horn is not as prominent as Connie would prefer. Nonetheless, it's a fine document from a place and time. The writing is of interest, as we seem to have had some odd idea, that music must only progress, never retreat or repeat. Ah those crazy kids we once were.


Sax Connie Walkershaw, Bass Jesse Walkershaw, Drums Dave Gould, Guitar Scott Aldrich

Recorded live at Vital Studios East 10th St NYC one night, most likely in 1991

All material (c) and (p) by The Laryngitis Label

For fans of:John Coltrane, Balkan Beat Box, Dead Can Dance
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