Secrets by Conscience
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For fans of:Christ Centeredness, BARS, Conceptual, Stylistic, Stories
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  1. 01. Conscience- Can I Talk 2U.mp3
  2. 02. Conscience- Mission.mp3
  3. 03. Conscience- Body Rock.mp3
  4. 04. Conscience- Dracula.mp3
  5. 05. Conscience- Show Down.mp3
  6. 06. Conscience- General 2 feat. Rizzo.mp3
  7. 07. Conscience- M.A.C. feat. Nick Simmons.mp3
  8. 08. Conscience- City Lights (Produced by. Sean Mickael).mp3
  9. 09. Conscience- Front 2 Back feat. Elle Es.mp3
  10. 10. Conscience- Heaven On Earth.mp3
  11. 11. Conscience- Frankenstein.mp3
  12. 12. Conscience- Bystander.mp3
  13. 13. Conscience- S.W.A.G. and Lean (Produced by. R.O.A.).mp3
  14. 14. Conscience- O.mp3
  15. 15. Conscience- I Fell.mp3
  16. 16. Conscience- The Lullaby (Produced by. R.O.A.).mp3
  17. 17. Conscience- Fire feat. Allie Cross.mp3
  18. 18. Conscience- Love Letter feat. Rizzo.mp3
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Secrets is Conscience's highly anticipated 2013 conceptual Mixtape. What started out with a fascination for looking into the way in which he encountered Jesus Christ in his earlier years of becoming a Christian. Now, faced with the burning desire to go back to his old environments with a new self, namely Christ, Conscience has a personal dialogue with his audience about what life was like in 2012. This project goes through the seemingly hidden details of his relationship with God, spiritual maturity, reflection, his wife, job, and lifestyle. These are his secrets!


Special thanks to:

Jesus Allie Brown (my wife) Rizzo R.O.A. Sean Mickael Nick Simmons Elle Es

For fans of:Christ Centeredness, BARS, Conceptual, Stylistic, Stories
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