C.S.T. (Christ Saved Terry)


#AllThatMatters by C.S.T. (Christ Saved Terry)
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For fans of:J Cole, Ludacris, Little Brother, Lecrae, Nas
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  1. Introduction
  2. Christ State Of Mind
  3. Keep The Faith
  4. Rationale featuring Antidotmusiq
  5. God In Hip-Hop Featuring Gravity and E3
  6. @1999Flow
  7. Amen Remix From The Album Worship Musick
  8. Halftime Freestyle
  9. Rock Rock On
  10. About Time Featuring Progress
  11. And In This Corner Featuring Chris Ray
  12. Backpack Rap Featuring E3 and TJ Clark
  13. The World Is Your's Freestyle
  14. God's Presence
  15. Forward Featuring Orlando King and Wontel
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I realized that at the end of the day, #allthatmatters to me has been my relationship with God and with each other. All that matters to us is our family and when it's all said and done, we must be grateful for what we do have as supposed to complaining about what we don't have.... When you are up aginst a wall or a problem is way too big you something things come into clear focus and you begin to see #allthatmatters.
1.Introduction Produced by CST and Phil Bright 2.Christ State of Mind Produced by Boonie Mayfield 3..Keep the Faith Produced by Serious 4. Rationale Featuring Antidode Musiq Produced by Boonie Mayfield 5. God in Hiphop…Featuring Gravity and E3 Produced By Kajmir Royale 6. @1999flow Produced By Diety 7. Amen Remix 2 Produced by Boonie Mayfield 8. Halftime freestyle… Played by Will Sessions 9. Rock Rock On Produced by Hydra Beats 10. About Time featuring Progress Produced by Boonie Mayfield 11. Backpack Rap…Featuring E3 and TJ Clark Produced by Boonie Mayfield 12. And in this corner…Featuring Chris Ray Produced by Boonie Mayfield 13.The World is yours… Freestyle Played by Will Sessions 14.God's Presence Produced by CST and Phil Bright 15. Forward featuring Orlando King and Wontel Produced by Boonie Mayfield and Wontel
For fans of:J Cole, Ludacris, Little Brother, Lecrae, Nas
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