For fans of:From Indian Lakes, Circa Survive, Copeland, Brand New, Emarosa

"Longevity has become a rare commodity in music. Singles are released, bands get big, and people forget. LA’s Culprit has given fans of rock music several reasons to remember – be it the soaring and endless range of Travis Powell’s vocal abilities, or the silk-ridden guitar work of Steve Cheung. The band has given the true advocates of music a reason to continue listening. Emotion – ambience – and a rhythm section more or less aligned with the stars." - Nathan Sirotta, Impulse Artists

"With their sophomore EP, Totem, Los Angeles' Culprit are exploring new territories while sticking to those good ol' hooks. Produced by Dryw Owens (From Indian Lakes, Consider The Theif), the qualities that evoked I The Mighty and Armor For Sleep comparisons linger, but are tinged with HRVRD and Moving Mountains-esque sounds. "Piece Of Eden" sums it up nicely..." - Drew Beringer,

Patrick Haynes from MindEqualsBlown raved, “…recalling the sound of the recently deceased As Tall As Lions, with Culprit perhaps inheriting the void that has been left since ATAL disbanded.”

"In terms of sheer potential, Culprit has everything you could want in terms of talent, creativity, and aesthetic... so don’t be surprised when you see them garnering massive support in the near future. It’s only inevitable when a group of guys is this talented this early on." - Jacob Testa, staff

"Sporadic rhythms that nod to Circa Survive (see "The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is In the Doses" and compare that sweet, sweet groove) become the foundation to varied guitar presentations, be they atmospheric leads, gritty strumming, tremolo picking or the like..." - Steve Alcala, staff