Dan Cloutier

The Battle of Greenland

The Battle of Greenland by Dan Cloutier
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For fans of:Josh Ritter, Sufjan Stevens, Wilco, Ellis Paul, The Welcome Wagon
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  1. Cold Puzzle
  2. Tsar Bomba
  3. The Battle of Greenland - Contra
  4. Red Blood Cells
  5. Morning When We Run
  6. Old Bangum
  7. Piramida
  8. Antarctica
  9. Day Of Resurrection
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It has been an amazing, hard, rewarding, somber, and joyful five years since my last album "Blind Willie's Lighthouse." This new collection of music, which I've spent this summer recording, is a reflection of those years. Welcome to "The Battle of Greenland." Since "BWL," I've had two beautiful and now healthy kiddos, seen one of them fight and beat cancer, spent lots of time in hospitals, lost my uncle and grandfather, still grown as a family, and have had my heart increase two sizes.

This album and its themes are a way for me to reflect on all these memories, both the sad and good. The songs are about snow, ice, birth, life, death, hospital rooms, mortality, tundra, icebergs, penguins, hope, nuclear annihilation, fluorescent lights, battles, resurrection, wolves, red blood cells, the North Pole, the South Pole, Siberia, Antarctica, Alaska, and Greenland. I have always had a fascination with cold remote places, and they make a perfect background setting for this collection of stories.


Copyright - 2017 Dan Cloutier

Birch Beer Records


Dan Cloutier – vocals, electric/acoustic guitars, upright piano, phone bell

Kim Jennings – vocals, synthesizer, electric piano, melodica

Jon Glancy – drums

Eric Salt – baritone guitar

Ricardo Barraza – contra code man

All songs written by Dan Cloutier, except Old Bangum – traditional


Produced by Eric Salt and Dan Cloutier. Recorded at Rocksalt, Watertown, MA.

Mixed by Rafi Sofer

Mastered by Mike Quinn

CD artwork by Benjamin Styer

CD layout design by Ricardo Barraza and Dan Cloutier

For fans of:Josh Ritter, Sufjan Stevens, Wilco, Ellis Paul, The Welcome Wagon
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