Dan Theory

Track The Sound

Track The Sound  by Dan Theory
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Hip-Hop/RapHip Hop
For fans of:hip hop, rock, acoustic
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  1. Intro (feat. Reverend Barry Clifton)
  2. Heart & Mind (feat. Kyle McIntyre and Billy Smith)
  3. Wide World (feat. Michelangelo DeCaro, Sinclair Bush and DJ Mo Niklz
  4. A Song By Douglas Malinowski
  5. The Fraud You Lent (feat. Pushing Static)
  6. Michael Myers Poetry (feat. Tank Malinowski)
  7. Clean the City
  8. Interlude (feat. Chevon Grant)
  9. Monstrosity (feat. Tank Malinowski and DJ Mo Niklz)
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Track The Sound EP is my second studio project. Within a year of releasing my first album, The Redefining (2012) , I wanted to record some new songs that I had in mind, along with re-recording some songs that already existed. As the individual tracks, flow and concept of the project continued to develop, I ended up diving into a 4 year long process of creating and revisiting songs. Recording this EP has been one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences for me as an artist, musician, and human being. But it has also been one of the most challenging and frustrating adventures, as I found myself questioning my own abilities while also being pushed to the new heights and direction that I needed in order to elevate. Progression is something that I believe all artists, musicians, singers, songwriters, etc. strive to achieve with each body of work that they create and release to the world. I believe that I have found that with this EP, not just with lyrics and rapping, but also with production. I am beyond grateful for all of the artists that have contributed their time, energy and talents towards making this project exactly what it is, uniquely its own. A special shout out to my boy Greg Darigis, or as I like to call him, Greg The Genius. I came to him in 2011 to record a song for The Redefining, and ended up doing the whole album with him. Track The Sound came after that. I cannot thank him enough for making both of those projects what they are today. These projects would be completely different without his musicianship, engineering and production skills.

THANK YOU to every single person who has supported my musical journey, in any and every way possible. You guys are incredible. Thank you to my mother, father, sister, family, great friends and mentors for the love, encouragement and words of wisdom. Thank you to all my peers and homies in and outside of the CT music scene, working and vibing with you guys has been awesome. Thank you to anyone that I should be shouting out but might be forgetting.

Glory to God for all of His blessings. - DT


- Track The Sound EP is produced by Dan Theory (Daniel Therriault)

- Co produced by Greg Darigis, with additional production from Kyle McIntyre, Billy Smith, Tank Malinowski, Michelangelo DeCaro, Chevon Grant, Asher Condit (Pushing Static), Sinclair Bush, Barry Clifton, and DJ Mo Niklz

- All tracks engineered by Greg Darigis except "A Song By Douglas Malinowski" and the music for "Interlude" (Tank Malinowski)

-All tracks mixed and mastered by Greg Darigis, except music for "Interlude" (Tank Malinowski). Final mix and master for that track done by Greg Darigis

- All beats rough drafted by Dan Theory, final production by Greg Darigis

- All instruments by Dan Theory, with the exception of the following;

guitars (Kyle McIntyre) and drums (Billy Smith) on "Heart and Mind"

keys (Michelangelo DeCaro) and cuts (Mo Niklz) on "Wide World"

keys (Pushing Static) on "The Fraud You Lent"

drums (Tank Malinowski) on "Michael Myers Poetry"

loop/beat/synths (Tank Malinowski) on "Interlude"

Additional guitar and keys ( Greg Darigis) , cuts (Mo Niklz) and drums (Tank Malinowski) on "Monstrosity"

- All lyrics/melodies by Dan Theory

- All vocals by Dan Theory with exception of the following;

Pushing Static on "The Fraud You Lent"

Sinclair Bush on "Wide World"

Barry Clifton on "Intro" (scripture reading)

Chevon Grant on "Interlude" (an original poem)

- original concept for "Heart and Mind" by Tank Malinowski and Dan Theory

- album photo by Tammi Naudus

Hip-Hop/RapHip Hop
For fans of:hip hop, rock, acoustic
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