For fans of:Kenny G, Brian McKnight, Kirk Whalum, Gerald Albright, Usher

Vinnis A.K.A Phenom was introduced to music at a young age. Given the name "Phenom" because of his ability to pick up music and pick out parts very quickly, he first started playing keyboard at 10 years old. Quickly picking out songs by ear, Vinnis soon realized that music may be his true calling and definitely his true love. After getting his first Alto Saxophone, an instrument passed down 2 generations, Vinnis started playing for his grade school concert band and caught the attention of the middle school band director. He even got the chance to play with the HIGH SCHOOL jazz band while still in the 6th grade! ? In middle school, Vinnis got to really see what doors God's gift could open for him. In 1999, Vinnis joined his church band, where he is still currently a musician, playing the Saxophone as well as alternate Keyboardist and Drummer under the leadership of Kyle Kelley (Chris and Kyle with True Spirit). He has been chosen first chair alto sax in the E. Desmond Lee orchestra while a in 7th grade, getting an opportunity to perform at the famous Powell Symphony Hall! At the top of his middle school class, Vinnis' band director said he had never heard a sax player play with such dynamics at such a young age. ? Vinnis soon made another very important step in his musical life. Realizing his love for syncopated drum patterns, memorable melodies and "the groove", he began to compose music. As a classically trained Pianist, along with a Saxophonist and Drummer, he has all the tools to be one of the best. Being blessed to join the Young Fly Saved movement, Vinnis was presented the opportunity of a lifetime. To LEARN from recording artist Willie 'P-Dub' Moore Jr. ( and DJ Dwight Stone! Since being a member of this Christian Outreach Organization, Vinnis was blessed to produce the single "Swagg A Lil' Bit" and get his very first Major Record Placement when "The Turning Point" was released on EMIGospel. ? "This is only the beginning", Vinnis is quoted as saying when asked about future musical endeavors. "I was birthed with dreams that will NOT die with me! They will out live me"