Dave Powell and the Lonely Gales

For fans of:Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, Glen Hansard/ The Frames, Damien Rice, Uncle Tupelo, Whiskeytown
Dave was born and raised in South Louisiana, growing older and wiser on a steady supply of Southern rock n roll, 50s country and Dixieland jazz. By the time he started writing music at the age of 15, these influences had developed into a swampy, raspy sound that he dubbed "folk n roll". In 2010, he released his debut EP, "Drunk Down", a 3 song effort that quickly led to the release of the full-length "Boy with the Blueberry Eyes", a traumatic tale of the rise and fall of a relationship told in 11 tracks. After 2 tours to support those albums, he moved to Nashville to focus more seriously on his craft . In the spring of 2012, he began to write what would eventually become "Recovery Blues", a 5 track EP that catalogues his descent into substance abuse and depression, and the ragged road he trudged back home to health and happiness. Produced by Dave Coleman at Howard's Apartment Studios, this record led to the formation of Dave Powell's first backing band, known as the Lonely Gales.