Daylight Worship

Dawn is Breaking

Dawn is Breaking by Daylight Worship
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For fans of:Leeland, Hillsong, Gungor, Chris Tomlin
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  1. 01 Dawn Is Breaking
  2. 02 Good News
  3. 03 Living To Love You (Joseph's Song)
  4. 04 I Stand Amazed (Mary's Song) Feat. Shelby
  5. 05 At Just The Right Time
  6. 06 Unto Us
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Last Christmas we recorded an EP titled, "Dawn Is Breaking". The EP includes 6 songs that reflect on the incarnation of Jesus Christ. The songs thoughtfully focus on what it may have been like to experience Christ's coming for those living in Jesus' day and ultimately share the message of who we believe Christ to be for all humanity. The title track "Dawn Is Breaking", was written while imagining what it would have been like for faithful, God loving, Jewish people to continue in faith as they waited for their coming King. Often Christians forget, that though on mass Christ was rejected by the people He came to save, there were many who did rejoice in receiving Christ when He came to earth. "Living to Love You" (Track 3), is an imaginative piece written from the perspective of Joseph (Jesus' earthly father). The song invites listeners to consider what Joseph went through by following God's plan to raise Jesus in the midst of facing opposition. Although sung from Joseph's perspective any listener who has sacrificed to follow God's call will likely relate to the heart felt words that meditate on choosing Christ over comfort. To bring further perspective on the feel of the EP, Track 4 (Sung by Shelby Velasquez) is a worship song adapted from the song Mary first sang in response to her being chosen by God. We hope that you are able to take time to enjoy this music and to meditate again on the beauty and the worthiness of our Savior Jesus Christ. 1. Dawn Is Breaking 2. Good News 3. Living to Love You (Joseph's Song) 4. I Stand Amazed (Mary's Song) Feat. Shelby Sperling 5. At Just the Right Time 6. Unto Us A couple years ago we released our first full length album on Noisetrade and since then it's been downloaded 15,988 times. Although we originally sold this specific EP and still have it up on iTunes, during this fall season as we approach Christmas, we want to release it to all of you for free download. If you would like to support our music ministry please feel free to leave a tip, but as with our original album we are sincerely most encouraged to hear that these songs are making an impact in the world around us! *If you haven't heard our music, go to and download our album "We Are Weak // He Is Strong" for free!
Recording Engineer- Jonathan Velasquez Acoustic Guitar- Jeremy King Keyboards- Jacey Davison Bass/BGV's- Ben King Lead Vocals- Jeremy King Vocals- Shelby Velasquez Drums- Jared Schultz Guitars- Jonathan Velasquez, Matthew Mazzei, Landon Lucas Violin- Sylwia Fabbro Produced by - Jonathan Velasquez and Jacey Davison 1. Dawn Is Breaking- written by Jeremy King 2. Good News- written by Jeremy King and Jacey Davison 3. Living to Love You- written by Jeremy King 4. I Stand Amazed- written by Jeremy King and Shelby Velasquez 5. At Just the Right Time- written by Jeremy King and Jacey Davison 6. Unto Us- written by Jeremy King copyright 2012
For fans of:Leeland, Hillsong, Gungor, Chris Tomlin
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