Dee Black

For fans of:lyricism, Hip hop, Truth, The Gospel

Davon White,( AKA Dee Black), has overcome many obstacles that artists face in the music industry. Growing up in Baltimore City, his journey of music began at the age of 16, and was influenced by the fame and success of close friends that were in the rap industry. It was the foundation of past experiences that eventually led him in 2002, to turn down a major label deal. His music is a mix of hip hop, R&B, and gospel, and has been categorized as "life" music. Promoting more of the positivity in hip hop culture is Blacks' primary focus. Not wanting to relinquish control to anyone but God, In 2010, Dee Black founded and established his own record label/company HisStory Music Group. Dee Black has been the pioneer for positivity and success, and has been an inspiration to many. . In addition, Black has signed a deal with 5 Oceans Music Group and Sony Red to distribute his album worldwide. This just marks the beginning of another level of greatness.