Deep Diver

For fans of:One Republic, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Queen, The Script

Deep Diver is a pop rock band from Amarillo, TX. Brothers Steven and Matt Dolezal cut their teeth in the Texas rock scene in the band The Bteam for many years before they decided to embark on a new musical project. Wanting to improve on the sounds of their youth, they began to write new songs, and released them as singles to make people aware of their new sound. “We started out as a band jamming high energy songs and really focusing on our live show," Matt Dolezal (vocals, guitar, piano) says. “But we have many different interests as far as the different artists we love to listen to, and we wanted to make a record that reflected that." Enlisting their other brother Josh on drums and bassist Johnny Bell, they have performed around the southwest US. For the past two years they have been in the studio working on a new album, Under The Neon Lights, with Steven at the helm as producer. In addition to the album, the band performed a handful of select acoustic dates leading up to the filming of a Live DVD in November 2013 at the AT&T HD Studio in Canyon, Texas.

"Under The Neon Lights is a record that is very balanced; it's an equal blend of guitar and piano, it's filled with both rock songs and ballads, it’s equally introspective and fun, it’s even split down the middle with Matt and Steven sharing the lead vocal duties," says Josh (drums, backing vocals). Since their first official release, the electronic/hard rock hybrid “The City” in 2011, the band has evolved over the years. The release of each single brought new possibilities to their sound and helped to determine which influences would come closest to the surface. “I think our main goal with this album is to introduce people to our sound, and give people an album that’s uplifting and fun,” Steven (vocals, piano, guitar) adds. “We didn’t set out with any particular goal in mind for how it should sound except we wanted it to sound like four guys writing songs together and pushing each other while making the best songs we could possibly make.” Under The Neon Lights (7/15/14) is now available at all major digital music stores.