For fans of:Lecrae, Canton Jones, Trip Lee

Arkansas Christian producer/rapper DeJuan has been making music and living bold for Christ for years and he says that "I will never stop, in heaven I'll be singing praises to God for eternity & while I'm here on this earth I will lift him up." DeJuan strives to be a light to this dark world. His mission is to let the world know that you can live holy and still have fun. Outside of music DeJuan is a college student, editor, & a leader serving where ever God calls him. In the beginning of summer 2014 DeJuan went to Africa and got to serve through labor, sacrifice, music, & more! There is a lot more to come from DeJuan "This is only the beginning, I'm not even 20 yet" he says.

DeJuan's latest album "Forever Expressing" includes 14 tracks with high-energy music and catchy lyrics laced with messages of hope, conviction, thankfulness, and love for God and His people.He says "we all go through storms and we will all spend forever somewhere it's your choice where you will." On this album DeJuan expresses messages that he will express forever!