For fans of:Bob Marley, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars

desmond: Bob Marley meets Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars. desmond is an anti-reggae singer/songwriter based in New York City. He is anti-reggae not because he hates reggae music but because he is an atypical reggae artist. He is not a Rasta; he is a Christian.. He does not wear dreadlocks. He is what Rastas would call a baldhead. He does not smoke anything. He is not from a reggae family. He is not even sure who his father is, which is why he goes by his first name only, desmond. He has only one daughter and only one wife. He has been living away from Jamaica for the last 11 years. If there is any street cred left from all of this, he would have lost it for being a classically-trained musician.

Music means everything to him. He became an artist because he discovered he could sing when his adopted parents took him to church when he was 8 years old and he realized that his singing inspired people. His dream is to inspire as many people as possible to realize their dreams in spite of their circumstances. Besides his work as a singer/songwriter, he trains choirs and teach singing, music theory, and music history for a living. At the moment he struggles with finding a booking agent, a distributor for his music, and a publicist, or a record label to help him to expand his audience.