Destroy Babylon

For fans of:The Clash, John Brown's Body, 10 Ft Ganja Plant, The Aggrolites, The Ruts

"The core trio of Rob Carmichael and twin brothers Marc and John Beaudette, have certainly developed a grasp for Jamaican music's minutiae, but have also acquitted themselves as near-professional listeners of the entire popular spectrum... Few other bands in town can wield their individual genre with this ease and fewer have as much to lose. Reggae is a gamble, because bad reggae is the worst (as demonstrated by many commercials for Caribbean tourism). But DB's risk is the listener's reward. The group's latest full-length Long Live the Vortex is a perfect concoction, two parts authenticity and one part innovation. They may lack the Trench Town pedigree (their formative years were spent in Hudson, NH), but they have become one of Boston's best."

-Noise Magazine

"Destroy Babylon play such a fluid dubby-reggae style, they sound more like original early ’70s Jamaicans... absolutely skilled, soulfully political, and riding all the right horns and harmonies."

-Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover Magazine