Diabolic Possession

Dark Seraphim EP

Dark Seraphim EP by Diabolic Possession
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MetalDeath Metal
For fans of:Autopsy, Hypocrisy, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Entombed
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  1. Sarcophagus
  2. Fall Of The Rebel Angels
  3. Torn Off Fingernails
  4. Order Or Deception
  5. Ripped To Pieces
  6. Reign Of Terror
  7. Cranial Myasis
  8. From The Gates Of Hell

Diabolic Possession's “Dark Seraphim” EP was recorded at Mainframe Recording Studio by Infinite Productions. Produced by Rance Fredericksen and Jeff Fenn. We went into the studio with Glyn Clark-guitar, Steve Jacobs-bass, Pete Hilario-drums, Chad Lottmann-vocals, and Michael Ferguson-guitar. At some point Chad left the band. We found Andy Jones for vocals (strangely enough, we found him right across the street from Glyn's house!). He was a Diabolic Possession fan already, and was familiar with the “Ripped To Pieces” material. Also, some time in there, Michael left the band. So anyway, we went back into the studio to finish the recording. Pete didn't like his drum tracks, so we scrapped the whole thing and started over. That's why Michael and Chad are not on that recording. The CD was released in 2005 by Assaulter Productions who had also released a 7" by Sabbat (Japan) among other things.

Released January 1, 2005

MetalDeath Metal
For fans of:Autopsy, Hypocrisy, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Entombed
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