Diabolic Possession

Ripped To Pieces EP

Ripped To Pieces EP by Diabolic Possession
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MetalDeath Metal
For fans of:Autopsy, Hypocrisy, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Entombed
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  1. Ripped To Pieces
  2. Reign Of Terror
  3. Cranial Miasis
  4. From The Gates Of Hell

This is the first recording released from the official original lineup of Diabolic Possession. There were a few other very short incarnations of Diabolic that played a couple shows before, but this lineup, called the "Ripped To Pieces" lineup, is the one that toured and recorded for years. 

"Ripped To Pieces" is not your typical sounding Death Metal EP. It has a unique death metal style all it's own. Featuring the brutal riffs, solos, and song writing ability of guitarist Glyn Clark, the incredible range and endless screams of vocalist Chad Lottmann, the tight, drum rolling beats of monster drummer Brian Dyer, and the mighty abilities of bassist Steve Jacobs and guitarist Eric Hahn, who round out Diabolic's sound with their subtle, but powerful variations around the riffs of the songs. 

It's kind of interesting how we got the means to record this demo. We entered a battle of the bands in Papillion, NE. I believe the first prize was 60 hours of recording time at Bottom Line Studios in Omaha, and the second prize was 30 hours. A couple of us thought that a battle of the bands was kind of stupid, but our singer Chad insisted we could win, so we did it. We were the only death metal band there, of course. Death metal was still kinda in it's early stages then, so I bet a lot of people there hadn't really heard it before. They totally loved it. I think they really liked the music, but what tipped the tables was Chad's awesome ability to totally dominate a crowd, command their attention, and demand them to like us. This combination was good enough to get us second place, which was 30 hours of recording time. Mission Accomplished! 

There were some pretty memorable moments of those recording sessions. Bottom Line had no idea what they were in for. We were all a little crazy, totally cocky pranksters and jokers. Especially bassist Steve and vocalist Chad. One thing that sticks out in my mind was when we started our sessions, the first thing Steve would do is take off his shoes, then his socks, and hang his stinky ass socks on some hook or something right above the mixing board. The engineers kinda laughed nervously at our antics for the first couple sessions, but then got used to us, and they started having fun too. 

The EP features the songs "Ripped To Pieces", "Reign Of Terror", "Cranial Myiasis". and "From The Gates Of Hell". The cassette was released in 1993 by Diabolic Possession, and later released on CD by Ground Zero Entertainment.

Released January 1, 1993 

MetalDeath Metal
For fans of:Autopsy, Hypocrisy, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Entombed
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