For fans of:Chronnix, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson

Diel is the very near future of Jamaican popular music. Despite the fact that he launched his career in July of 2017, he is already making an impact on the world music scene. He spent most of his life in Manchester, rural Jamaica; before moving back to Kingston in late 2014. This allowed him to see his birthplace with a fresh pair of eyes, inspiring him to write his first single, “I’m From Kingston.” In July of 2017, he released the Music Video for “I’m from Kingston” on YouTube as the first single from his EP. The 6 song E.P. is currently available for free download from his website dielmusic.com and also available on all online platforms.

With a distinct Jamaican flavour, he describes his music as eclectic, and seamlessly blends influences from jazz, blues, and pop sounds with authentic reggae music to create his own fusion. He represents the modern, conscious youth...confident in their ability to change the world through their actions within their own circles of influence...but humble enough to know they don’t know everything and are still constantly learning about themselves and the world.

More than just a recording artiste, he is an energetic performer, a prolific songwriter, and albeit brand new in the Jamaican music scene, has already successfully launched his own “Kingston” T-shirt line available for purchase worldwide from his website www.dielmusic.com