Stand Up!

Stand Up! by DILIGENCE
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For fans of:Lecrae, Flame, Bizzle, Sevin, Toby Mac
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  1. Stand Up by DILIGENCE

Complete Lyrics:

Intro: Bang On The Enemy / Lucifer you will retreat! X2 Church Wake Up / Don't go to Sleep X2

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<strong style="font-size: 14.3999996185303px;">Verse 1:

Gotta wake'em up / Gotta give a Rush Of the Holy Adrenaline / Relevant / Etiquette By the Holy Ghost / and the King the Rose Glory to the Lamb / Salute to The Lord The King of King / With the Tongue of a Sword Speaking Death to the Beast / Decease of the Order Enemies / Take heed / I warn ya No weapon formed will ever prosper! No Lograras Nada Keep your eyes off the Throne It's time to wake up Church / there's coffee hot on the stove I refuse to sit down / I'm Standing firm on these toes And exercising demons daily like I'm training a cult. / Come'On!


It's time to stand up! / MAN UP! Never bow to their Master / No hands Up! Calling all the / Baptists / Stand Up! Calling all the / Catholics / Stand Up! SALUTE & give Him Reverence / Attention! Fully loaded is our Weapon / JESUS! CALLING ALL THE CHRISTIANS! / STAND UP! CALLING ALL THE BODY! / Attention! / STAND UP!

Verse 2:

The time is running like Ostriches / Often / Christians arguing opposite Of the will of our God in the Prophecy / Yeshua / WILL Suffer NO Mockery-No We must endeavor to stop all this / Hypocrisy Has no dominance It's time to Unite / For the glory of Christ / And Rip the horns off the baphomet STAND UP! WAIVE THAT / KINGDOM FLAG We Don't Bow / To The Cash We believe He's coming back As a Lion / Not a Lamb His RESURRECTION IS A FACT / We're not ashamed of that No Chips going inside our Hand / Mark Of the Beast in the scope of the Mag Lucifer's a Chump / Dad'll leave him Thumped / HALLELUJAH Glory to the Son / Let your KINGDOM come / With a Holy Host! Of the Heavenly realm! 4 Words to the Enemy / You're gunna go down! Word to The Body! / Better Stand up Now! Don't sleep now / know satans on the prowl Get filled with the Holy Ghost / Demons Bow Cast'em Out / Word of Mouth / ~POWER~ Our Heavenly Father / Seeks to Devour these Cowards The Midnight Hour's / Upon us! The Alter in heaven surrounded by Martyrs Don't Disregard this! He's targeting Believers of the Truth But We're standing under blood Like it's dripping of the roof!

This record BOLDLY declares VICTORY over the enemy satan and his satanic agenda

#TheNewWorldOrder #DePopulation #WorldDomination etc.!

It's time for Christians to #StandUp for #JesusChrist and biblical truth especially in America!

Let's UNIFY and STAND together in JESUS NAME!


Written and Recorded by Jessi "DILIGENCE" Johnson

Produced by WabisBand Productions

Mixed and Mastered by Jason "G-Status" Stephens

Artwork by DILIGENCE

2015 © His Will Records LLC All Rights Reserved

For fans of:Lecrae, Flame, Bizzle, Sevin, Toby Mac
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