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DJ I Rock Jesus Listen Vol.9 ( Feat.TD.Jakes )

DJ I Rock Jesus Listen Vol.9 ( Feat.TD.Jakes ) by DJ I Rock Jesus
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For fans of:Hip Hop, Gospel Hip Hop, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Khaled, R&P
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  1. Intro-TD Jakes
  2. Caught Dreaming-Marz Ferrer & Andy Mineo
  3. Get Higher-Marz Ferrer
  4. Have Your Heart ( Feat
  5. Vintage Art-K
  6. Surrender-Curt Kennedy
  7. Have Mercy- Curt Kennedy
  8. You Alone Are God ( Feat
  9. Back To Love-Curt Kennedy
  10. Addictive Like Dope-JT
  11. LeVar-Uncle Reece
  12. Black Ice- Curt Kennedy
  13. Shoot Me Down ( Feat
  14. Pump Up The Volume ( Listen Vol
  15. Make It Clap Listen Vol
  16. Very Faithful ( Listen Vol
  17. Do It again-Subsurge
  18. Robot ( 2026 Remix )-Trip Lee
  19. TD Jakes Interlude One
  20. Beautiful Day-Marz Ferrer
  21. TD Jakes Interlude Two
  22. Break Every Chain ( Live )-Tasha Cobbs
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I would like to thankyou for downloading Listen Vol.9.

The listen mix tape series has been doing really well. I have enjoying doing them letting you listen to great artist, production, lyrics and to what God have to say. I have been dealing with some sickness and when I was going back and forward to the hospital.

Well that night when I got home I had pain all over my body because of my Psoriasis’ have been praying for years about this and on top of that I was missing my wife my best friend of 28 years’ the one who was there when I needed to talk about what ever. It’s been five years of her passing but that night it felt like it just had happen. I also was thinking about my brother who died 3 months later of cancer also. I was remembering how my brother was one of the reason I start djing and how we use to talk…..I mean there was a lot going on.

I was laying down Monday night around 2 in the morning, just tossing and turning .My skin was hurting it felt like my skin was being stretch the Psoriasis’ on my body was flaring up. The pharmacy would not have my medicine until the next day. So has I was talking to God I heard him say “Get Up And Go Make Listen Vol.9 as clear as day..

What you have to understand my mind, my spirit, my body was in such turmoil, but I obey the voice of the Lord and got up and start working on the mix tape, with the Holy Spirit I start choosing songs that took about a hour when that was done I went to my set and start djing . I was sitting down and the spirit said stand up and with the pain on my body and hands I stood up and started. As I was djing I felt my Spirit started Praising God while I was rocking on the tables and let me tell you I start Praise God i felt the anointing of God fall in the room there is a part of the mix tape I was Praising so hard i start playing dance music.

You will hear apart in the mix when I was just sampling Trip Lee’s Robot’ Hook and kept repeating “I am not your robot, I am not a clone You are not my puppeteer and I am not a drone Got a new master and I follow Him alone I want a good life till I'm gone” and this is what I was telling the enemy over and over. Meaning I am not going to let you control my mind my emotion because the God I serve is right for me not matter what and he is here with me now !

Now it’s time for me to edit it and as I was editing the mix I heard the Spirit say go to YouTube and type Td Jakes and the first thing I saw was “What do you do when God say’s No” and I heard the spirit say that is the one.

When the mix tape was finished I was like WOW!! THIS WHAT I WAS FEELING AND GOING THROUGH!!

To say all that Jesus step in at the end and sat with me and said “I got you and I have always been here with you .I hear your pain, I feel your pain, I understand, Son I love you, even when you took your eyes off me, I was still there, just trust my No’s “You will be just fine, I Love you!

So when you listen you will hear my heart and my pain I was dealing with and how Jesus Step in.

I would like to thank every artist that God hand pick to be a part of this mix tape.

Please keep allowing God to use you. Just remember when you feel like nothing going on with your music or if anyone is being blessed, just remember this mix tape and this testimony.


Marz Ferrer @MarzFerrer

Canton Jones @CantonJones

Uncle Reece @Unclereece

K.Sparks @ksparkstv

Curt Kennedy @imcurtkennedy

Chris Cobbins @chriscobbins

Shai Linne @ShaiLinne

JT @eyeamjt

Black Knight @bkcreationz

Drew Allen @IAmDrewAllen

Trip Lee @TripLee

TD Jakes @BishopJakes

Tasha Cobbs @tashacobbs

Andy Mineo @AndyMineo

For fans of:Hip Hop, Gospel Hip Hop, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Khaled, R&P
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