For fans of:Timbaland, Lex Lugar, Phareel

My name is Shedrick Carr a.k.a. DJShedG I am a producer, aDJ and an aspiring, beginning songwriter. I write my own rhymes, and I make my own beats, and do my own photography also. I’m also an author also so google my name and you’ll see some of my books online. I’m an audio engineering major at Full Sail University. I have a dream of making my way into the music world, and creating my own lane in this industry. I’m hot with the beats, flaming with my production, and soon to be on fire with the rhymes. I used to go by DJ D-Nice, before I changed my name to DJShed-G. I’m the C.E.O. of Dedication Productions, it was intended to have a lot of members, but it’s only a one man show for myself that’s okay. Follow me on soundcloud @Dedication Productions, twitter, youtube & facebook @DJShedG & djthebeatman on Instagram! Show me so love!