Doc Jones

For fans of:Lecrae, Propaganda, Sho Baraka, Braile, Andy Mineo

The New York native Doc Jones grew up just outside New York City. Close enough to soak up all the art, music and culture, yet far enough away to keep him out of trouble till his young adult years. He now resides in Las Vegas, where his life has been turned upside down. He went from a Vegas nightlife party animal to surrendering his life to Jesus, December 2009. Immediately after, God had him in the studio writing, producing and recording songs with such substance and quality they could only come from the Holy Spirit. His style ranges from hard core east coast Hip Hop, Spoken word poetry, Worship Rap and Heavy Metal. Through all these different genres Doc is sure to bring the word of God through his lyrics. Sometimes you will even here chapters of the bible put into rhyme form along with real life transparent testimonies meant to strengthen the listener.