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Radio Bzh

Radio Bzh by Dom DufF
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WorldFolk Rock
For fans of:Alan Stivell, Flogging Molly, Fleet Foxes
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  1. Floc'h ar Jabadao (Sarabande's Knight)
  2. E Park Finn (Theme Park)
  3. Kiger San Wazeg (Sant Wazeg butcher)
  4. Telemakaezh (Slave Telemak)
  5. Marc'h Arzur (Arthur Stalion)
  6. Chikoloden Groove
  7. Aelig Gwenn (White Angel)
  8. Straed An Amann (Butter Street)
  9. Che?ch Amzer (Times changing)
  10. Kig Ha Farz (Breton Stew)

This is "Radio Bzh". A sampler with songs from my 5 albums. Bzh is Brittany country letters for breton name "Breizh".

It’s a collection, my way of creating what I write in my breton native language, my music in studio, or a few in Live Solo mode.

Written and recorded in different studio and places, this is one of our favorite collections.

Despite the fact that it is, in fact, free, we're willing to break with convention and accept donations. If you're so inclined. I will give half of money to Breton languages school DIWAN to support their great work for our culture.

Thanks for listening!” - Dom DufF


Songs from albums :

- Straed an Amann (Butter street) 2003

- Lagan 2005

- E-unan (Live Solo) 2008

- Roc'h (Rock) 2010

- Babel Pow Wow 2013

WorldFolk Rock
For fans of:Alan Stivell, Flogging Molly, Fleet Foxes
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