Don Tapert & The 2nd Avenue Band

For fans of:Ray Davies, Lou Reed, Graham Parker, John Hiatt, John Fogerty

Don Tapert is a native Detroiter who currently resides in Manhattan. His career as a singer/songwriter has spanned over four decades in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Boston, Nashville and New York City. He has been writing and singing his songs since he formed the Milk River Sheiks, a Detroit based jug band in 1965, with Crispin Cioe (Uptown Horns) and James Montgomery. His Ann Arbor based rock band The Beaubiens is featured on the 'MC5 Ultimate Garage Rock Collection'. He formed the Tapert Sparling Band in 1978 with singer/pianist Tim Sparling and the band captured the imagination of Michigan audiences until it's breakup in 1982 playing with the likes of TaJ Mahal and John Lee Hooker. Tapert then formed the 2nd Avenue Band which he fronted, with several of Detroit's hottest session musicians, Robert Gillespie, Mike Marshall and Greg Calder to name a few. He moved to New York in 1982 to pursue a singer/singwriter career that took him from Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village to 16th Avenue in Nashville. He returned to New York in 1990 where he lives with his family. He reformed the 2nd Avenue Band in 2012 and they are now playing selected dates in the Detroit club scene. A Noisetrade retrospective of bands material titled "Detroit In My Rearview" will be released in September 2013.