Best Of Luke Dowler

Luke Dowler

Best Of Luke Dowler by Luke Dowler
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For fans of:Richie Havens, Butch Walker, John Mayer
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  1. Hero (Behind Counterfeit Smiles)
  2. No One Else (Polarized)
  3. College Towns (WEST)
  4. Polarized (Polarized)
  5. Castle (Behind Counterfeit Smiles)
  6. Good Enough (WEST)
  7. Six White Horses (Polarized)
  8. Middle Of July (Compared To You)
  9. Silence Is Shameful (Single)
  10. Never Changes (Compared To You)
  11. Perseus (Polarized)
  12. Coming Alive (Polarized)
For fans of:Richie Havens, Butch Walker, John Mayer
Tip the Artist $12 Suggested Tip

A NoiseTrade Exclusive - This is the Best Of Luke Dowler, a collection of 12 songs from the last 7 years. Songs have been selected from Behind Counterfeit Smiles (2007), Compared To You (2010), Silence Is Shameful (2011), Polarized (2012), and West (2013).

'I wanted to give away all of my music the month of February as a HUGE thank you to my friends, fans and family that have supported my music career. Without their support I would not be able to make music. With so many people giving into my career over the years, with 'bro deals', 'donations' 'couches to crash on', meals, vehicle repairs, web-tech-video help, friendships and so much more; I feel like I have received more from everyone than I have given.

the music is FREE but if you feel like 'tipping', ALL tips received during the month of February (2014) will go to the human rights organization International Justice Mission and their anti-trafficking work. I totally believe in what they do. I am inspired by it. No human being should have to live in slavery.

It is impossible to repay everyone and even more impossible to have a career in music by yourself. And I wouldn't want to. So from a small corner of Montana, please enjoy some of the last 7 years of my life. Keep the fire burning. - LukeD'


All Songs written by - Luke Dowler

3MFH Publishing, ASCAP