Dru Bex

Imperfect Messenger

Imperfect Messenger by Dru Bex
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For fans of:Lecrae, Dre Murray, Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR
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  1. Intro
  2. Mountain Top (feat. Katie Carlene)
  3. Goin' Up
  4. Perfect (Sauga City Mix) feat. Q-Pon
  5. Navigator (feat. Shop?)
  6. Tenacious
  7. Imperfect Messenger (feat. Dre Murray)
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Role Model Records presents its first project offering of 2015, “Imperfect Messenger” from the label’s newest signee, Dru Bex.

His debut with the budding inspirational hip hop label, Dru clearly set out to prove a point. From the concept to the sonic execution, Dru strikes a resonating chord with listeners of all backgrounds. He states,

“With this EP, I was intentional about conveying a timeless biblical truth: God uses broken, imperfect people to deliver His perfect message of love and hope. From the second verse of the very first song, “Mountain Top”, where I talk about coming to terms with someone I always looked up to in ministry “falling from grace”, to the song “Tenacious” where I try to envision Jesus expressing his never ceasing love to someone who might feel unworthy or undeserving, my goal with this project is to point the listener to the only truly perfect being to ever walk the earth, Jesus Christ, in whom even the most flawed of all people can turn to and find love and acceptance.”

Sonically, “Imperfect Messenger” is a departure from Dru Bex’s earlier album, “Nowhere to Now Here“. Pushing past creative boundaries, Dru’s current offering, combines infectious melodies and harmonies, with potent wordplay and storytelling. A child of Toronto, Dru Bex manages to carve out his own unique sound while still embodying the sound of the city. In his own words,

“Being from where I’m from (Toronto) and witnessing the emergence of a unifying sound coming out of the area, both on a local and world stage, I wanted to bring some of that flavor to the CHH fanbase and see how it would be received…Then there’s the single “Goin’ Up” which is my ode to the Bay Area sound that I’m a fan of and just a fun track in general.”

Imperfect messengers, but messengers nonetheless, Role Model Records and Dru Bex set out to reach new heights.


Song 1: Intro

Song 2: Mountain Top feat. Katie Carlene (prod. by Q-Pon)

Mountain Top is about recognizing our lack of grace towards others. We serve a God who shows us undeserved grace and mercy every day, but yet we sometimes fail to extend grace towards others when they offend or disappoint us. One corresponding scripture, which can partly be heard mid-way through the song is found in Romans 2:1-5

Song 3: Goin' Up (prod. by Q-Pon)

When I first heard the instrumental, I was reminded of the Bay Area sound which I love so much and I knew I wanted to try a different flow on this one. I wanted to make a fun track that celebrates my joining the label (Role Model Records) but also had a message. The message is, when you become a part of "the team", meaning a part of the family of believers, your movin' on up in life, even if it seems like that's not the case. God's eternal promise is like the ultimate insurance that you can't lose. And then of course, one day the saints actually will be goin' up to meet him in the air. Party!!!!!

Song 4: Perfect (Sauga City Mix) feat. Q-Pon (prod. by Q-Pon)

This was originally my homie Q-Pon's song which he asked me to feature on, but when I heard it I knew it would be perfect (no pun intended) for this project. It's basically me and Q-Pon expressing our desire to be the perfect man for our significant others (to be in Q-Pon's case) but at the same time realizing that we never actually can be perfect, so we strive to emulate, best we can, the only one who ever was and is perfect: Jesus Christ.

Song 5: Navigator feat. Shopé (prod. by Jeremy Rodney-Hall & Dru Bex)

I love this song. From when I first heard the instrumental from my boy Jeremy and then started adding a little of my own production and changing the arrangement, the result reminded me of night time in the city. I pictured myself driving through the cornered, diverse streets of downtown Toronto at night and seeing people from all different walks of life, telling them to follow me as I lead them to the Promised Land, sort of like an urban Moses. Also, the theme plays into the Role Model Records motto which is "follow me as I follow greatness" (1 Corinthians 11:1)

Song 6: Tenacious (prod. by Jeremy Rodney-Hall)

Jeremy originally sent me this instrumental on a remix for my song "The Motivation" but I instantly had bigger plans for it. The first verse is sung from the perspective of a loving Christ, who longs to express his never ceasing love for somebody who may think they are undeserving of that love. The truth is, even on our best day, we are indeed undeserving of Christ's love, yet he loves us anyway and wants us to know it. Since the first verse and hook are a little abstract in terms of clearly revealing that I'm taking about the love of Christ, and not a romantic love, I decided to really hammer the point home in the second verse.

Song 7: Imperfect Messenger feat. Dre Murray (prod. by Q-Pon)

I heard the drums for this instrumental from Q-Pon and thought about my homie Wit. Then I instantly said, "I have to get Dre Murray on this". The result is a song that embodies the overall theme of the project in the verses, but then reaches out to the listener in the hook and says "welcome to the other side". The whole project is meant to be a journey to help people realize that we are none of us perfect, but called to be in Him all the same, and the hope is that once the listener gets to this track, they might hopefully have crossed over to a place where they embrace that truth, so we say "welcome to the other side".

All songs engineered, mixed and mastered by Adam Pondang

For fans of:Lecrae, Dre Murray, Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR
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