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In Twixt

In Twixt by Duarte Miguel
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For fans of:The 2 Gods, Canal Judas, Santos G
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  1. Ballad Of Cancer
  2. Rusty Friday
  3. Elasticity
  4. Sewage
  5. Go Away
  6. I Lied
  7. Convoluted
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It was October's lucky friday, the first rusty friday. A red eye, and that's what was in the dream. It confused, perhaps willingly? Care meant the lie, for happiness, for nurishing, satisfaction... Clairvoyance, and the power to read minds aren't so fun afterall, so isn't the power to bring wishes to life. They brought blood, cold, siphoned for this place. Punished, the newfound hope drained directly towards the stars. Myriads of stars rushed in adrenaline and exhaustion came for the earthly being, dissipated in the vacuum of time. He was used to that kind of ordeal... He wants a son, a son to be cruelly left to this wonderful world. But he clearly understands it's not allowed to him, for that wouldn't be the end of his production line... "Once did the big rock orbit 'round the sun... Today, the shell's harder than ever and no universe can disturb it, let alone you. It's whole-proof now! It's crazy..." ?


Production, Mixing, Composition, Performance and Artwork: Duarte Miguel

First album where I got the chance to fully write and perform all and everything. Used: Vocals: Laptop's built-in microphone; Everything else: MKPlus 15$ keyboard, a bunch of VSTs, tons of software, and an acoustic guitar.

And since I owe everything I've learned until now to the use and manipulation of loops, I still decided to use two in two songs: - Nylon guitar solo in track 2 (from 4:35 to 5:06) by terryferry - Acoustic guitar loop in track 6 (starting at 11:50 and fading out later) by MINOR2GO

Hope you dig it!

For fans of:The 2 Gods, Canal Judas, Santos G
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