Duarte Miguel


Ziondiver by Duarte Miguel
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For fans of:The 2 Gods, Canal Judas, Santos G
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  1. Sunsune Blackout
  2. Inflow Continuity
  3. The Genesis Of
  4. The Euphorizer
  5. The Oppressor
  6. The Violentor
  7. Satan's Daughter
  8. Promice - Outflow
  9. Run - Ziondiver
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Another weird ass day... Huh? 

This record are nostly leftovers from In Twixt and serves a direct continuation of it's idea, although a completely different story. "Sunsune Blackout" is a "warm up" track within Ziondiver's album context, as the Ziondiver story starts with "Inflow Continuity" and ends with "Run / Ziondiver". Most of the lyrics was omitted and not written down, only the essential's there.



Production, Mixing, Composition, Programming, Performance and Artwork: Duarte Miguel Used: Vocals: Laptop's built-in microphone; Everything else: MKPlus 15$ keyboard, a bunch of VSTs, a DAW and a guitar. Featuring spoken word by Sara Pinto on tracks 3 and 4. Thank you Sara, very cool! Copyright © 2019 Duarte Miguel Montes Do Nascimento

For fans of:The 2 Gods, Canal Judas, Santos G
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