Greg Hedger

For fans of:Poulenc, Jobim, Chopin, Fauré
When he was a baby in the early 1970s, Greg's mother placed headphones on him and played Mozart. He fell asleep in a different world to the Sleigh Ride or Marriage of Figaro. Young Greg took piano lessons for several years with an eye toward a career as a concert pianist. Sadly, circumstances would conspire to derail that lofty goal. The era was the 1980s. The computer was the new thing. Yet Greg's love for music was not in the least undermined but rather facilitated by these mysterious machines. Fortuitously, it was Greg's piano teacher who introduced the computer - then a novelty - and emphasized its musical potential. Through his teens, Greg's musical activities developed around composition, drawing upon theory learned earlier in life. In his 20s, he returned to the piano in earnest, focusing studies on Romantic era and the French Schools. Producing art for art's sake, Greg hopes his work brings smiles to many faces and pleases the ultimate Teacher.