For fans of:The Smiths, The xx, Ty Segal, Hanni El Katab

“If a song can come from visions and dreams then Suzanne is thewhite-mare, the meta specter of conscious and subconscious love and hate, tinted through a Leonard Cohen afterworld with all of Garza & Biller’s rhythms as its thundering hoof-beat.” I. Wasif (vocal/guitar)

At the heart of EFG’s new single ‘Outlier b/w Suzanne’ is a primitivism and warmth that makes it the most evolved of all their music to date. These songs are black around the eyes and rough around the edges, with Wasif as their narrator, white-knuckling their vehicle straight off a cliff. Here the modern mythmaker arrives somehow placed out of time, amidst details drawn from a life observed within fantasies of preexisting songs as much as from the fresh light of modern day.

The songs were formed in Tom Biller’s WPO studio from fragments of lyrics, snarling riffs and motorik beats; experimentation gone positively awry and thrown into alchemy with all sorts of Spiritus Sanctus.

“We ended up with waves of wonder, ecstatic truths and mutilation.” Tom Biller (bass)

The band play their instruments fiercely, with a connection that reveals a complex relationship fueled as much by cohesion as discord. They may use traditional musical instruments but other sounds are clearly generated by instruments pushed beyond conventionality.

“EFG has NYC Dream House blood, a psychedelic spine and a kraut/japrock pulse.” Josh Garza (drums)

‘Outlier b/w Suzanne’ comes out of the gate hissing and bending, carrying a theme of denial and ostracism that pretty much sums up some pure feeling that could be called Rock and Roll.