Emily Yates, Eventual Ukulele Superstar

For fans of:Sarah Silverman, Tenacious D, George Carlin

Emily Yates is a native of Syracuse, New York, who has been based in Oakland, California since 2009. After finishing six years in the U.S. Army, Emily moved to Oakland, began to volunteer as an anti-war activist, and learned to play the ukulele. She started writing songs (such as "Try Not To Be A Dick," a finalist in the 2012 International Songwriting Competition, and "Smoke Break," a reflection on her deployments to Iraq) and playing them for people casually. It wasn't long before she realized she had found her calling in music and songwriting, and has been writing and performing original songs that reflect her many opinions and observations ever since.

“There’s no denying Yates’ piercing wit and unflinching commitment to telling the truth as she sees it,” writes Gary Peterson in the San Jose Mercury News. “From ‘I Don’t Want to Have a Baby,’ to ‘Shut Yer Face,’ to ‘Foreign Policy Folk Song,’ you don’t have to wonder what she’s thinking.”

In the few short years since those initial performances, Yates has recorded one full-length album, I've Got Your Folk Songs Right Here, and has two more currently in the works - one entirely comprised of original songs for children. She's supported and performed with members of Americana bands (including Hot Buttered Rum, Railroad Earth, Fruition and others) and rock bands (New Monsoon, Grant Farm, Good Gravy, Scott Pemberton Trio), as well as with other singer-songwriters and stand-up comedians, showing her versatility as a performer. She's toured America and performs regularly in the Bay Area and on the west coast. Although she's still in the beginning stages of Eventual Ukulele Superstardom, she is sure that soon she will be able to drop the "Eventual" and just move on to total world domination. Especially since she now also plays the tenor banjo – everyone knows how effective a communication tool banjos can be. You can find her all over the place on perpetual Eventual World Domination Tour.