For fans of:The Specials, Rancid, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Ozomatli, Catch 22

EPIC XVII is proving that music knows no wall. Living only 15-minutes from the Mexico/California border in Imperial, CA the 8-piece band finds itself playing in Mexicali, Baja California and outside the Valley more than in their hometown these days.

With ska music trending, again, thanks to bands like The Interrupters and The Specials, Mexico has not stopped loving the upbeat energetic sound since hitting the scene in the early 80's. Street Sounds UK says ‘If the Specials had grown up in Mexicali they would sound like [Epic XVIII]..." Epic XVIII now finds themselves being invited to play in Mexicali more often than in the States. Bands like No Moral, Klandestino, and La Tomasa have connected with Epic XVIII to create an easier platform for musicians to travel and play between the two countries. The music crossroads does not end their for the band, though.

EPIC XVIII is in an interesting pocket between Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego and Las Vegas, each of which are about 3-5 hours away. With a limited audience pool in Yuma, AZ and Imperial, CA the band sees more growth potential in the larger cities especially come summer. As of recently, the band has begun focusing more on building their audience in San Diego and Long Beach where venues like Mother's Saloon and Shoreline Village have show interest in the band's fluidity in genre stylings.
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About the band's music:

"EPIC 18", their first album released May 18, 2019; produced, mixed and mastered by Baritone Sax/Vocalist, Adam Marquez, in-house. Adam is a Berklee School of Music graduate. This is a re-release of the band's first album, "Vs. Divides By Zero" (2017), but features new members, more horns, and a special cover for that little green frog in all of us. Members include: Adam Marquez, Logan Alvarado, Austin Chavarin, Eddie Hester, John Mordasini, Eli Moreno-Drew, Andrew Martino, and Sal Marquez.

On October 18th, 2019, Epic XVIII followed up "EPIC 18" with "II", also recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Marquez. Leaving it up to the listeners to pigeonhole the genre of this album, EPIC XVIII put together another eclectic, toe-tapping, 11-song album that is sure to have people of all ages and all backgrounds on their feet and dancing. Ranging from punk, to Latin rock, and of course, ska, the band pulled all of their creative strings together to weave another masterful and EPIC album.

Following the release of the band's most recent album, Epic XVIII immediately hit the recording studio, again, in early November. This time recording at San Diego local studio, Phaser Control Recording Studio with Sean Quinn. The 3-new songs will be released as singles, along with music videos throughout early 2020. With their entire music collection now available across all streaming platforms including Spotify and Pandora, Epic XVIII looks to take on more festivals and touring in 2020 in order to build their audience at shows and online. Epic XVIII already has multiple shows confirmed for early 2020 including a short run with Fall Risk from Minnesota and shows in San Diego, Yuma and Tucson scheduled.The band is currently the house band for Later Las Vegas with Garry Bushell (UK Publicist and The Gonads Frontman). Former house band for Pentagonal Brewing Company. IMDB Credited.

For more information and details about the band and their music, check out their website at epicxviii.com or contact them directly at epic18band@gmail.com.
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