One by Eric Patton
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For fans of:Improvised Music, Vocal Percussion, Acoustic Guitar
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  1. Eric Patton - Blues 1451x7 in C 6-1-16
  2. Eric Patton - Simulacrum 6-7-16
  3. Eric Patton - Say Ah 6-1-16
  4. Eric Patton - Gravity 5-9-16
  5. Eric Patton - Sunrise 5-9-16
  6. Eric Patton - About 3 Minutes Long 6-1-16
  7. Eric Patton - Gathering 4-22-16
  8. Eric Patton - Air Lock 5-27-16
  9. Eric Patton - Progression of the Night 5-9-16
  10. Eric Patton - Cocoon 6-1-16
  11. Eric Patton - Andalusian Steel 5-5-16
  12. Eric Patton - Loopy 4-22-16
  13. Eric Patton - We Can Get Down 6-7-16
  14. Eric Patton - California Heat 6-17-16
  15. Eric Patton - Steam Powered Test Flight 6-1-16
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All the tracks on One are edited from improvised live looping performances.

Each track is essentially an edited down jam session relying heavily on acoustic guitar and vocal percussion. The average, unedited recording is usually about 20-40 minutes in length.

The music is created via looping (layering up repeating recordings) and is almost entirely improvised so even I am not totally sure what's going to happen after hitting record.

The audio is recorded from the output of the looper (Boss RC-300 Loop Station) to a single track, therefore all audio effects and mixing are done during the performance. Typically, the only thing done to the audio after recording is compression and normalization (both fancy ways of saying 'adjusting the volume').

When possible, the creation of all loops used are shown in the accompanying videos on YouTube.

Go to Eric's YouTube playlist:

For fans of:Improvised Music, Vocal Percussion, Acoustic Guitar
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