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ER (born Earl Rashawn Griffin, February 22, 1984, in Boston, Massachusetts), is a Boston based gospel rap artist. ER was determined to be different and not fall subject to the streets, so he sought out the Lord! Seeing an EMERGENCY need to share God’s word with the world, ER realized his talent for impacting others through lyrical expression. Using his gift from the Father, ER knew he would show the ultimate gratitude by helping bring souls to the Lord.

His first mixtape “Walking By Faith” was released in the late summer of 2010, and first album "Manifestation" a couple years later in 2012. ER says, “The sky is the limit when you are truly walking by faith!”

Growing up in the inner city projects, ER realized he was becoming a product of his environment and knew he needed to make a life or death decision to change that would ultimately impact his future’s outcome. ER vowed to no longer praise the streets but instead praise God.