For fans of:Joe Budden, Sevin, Brother Ali, hasan Salaam

Emerging Australian Hip Hop Artist, Eskatology is one of most exciting new talents to come out of South Australia. His Indigenous roots remain his foundation, but this artist sees himself as a bridge , with a desire to affirm positive thoughts, and foster deep respect across cultures.

Chosen by Mau Power as support act for his Adelaide performance at the renowned Gov, Eskatology has also shared a stage with artists such as, Brethren, Chance waters, Nje, , and international superstar Xzibit, and Relic Plus ghetto Socks (CAN).

Eskatology’s music is a vehicle for social change, political awareness, and spiritual thought. His affiliation with Hip Hop originates from his own struggle to overcome the disadvantage face by many young black men.

He began writing at 12 years of age, and found a way to Escape Reality through music. The lyrical depth, and profound emotion of his music make him an important contributor to the Australian Hip Hop musical landscape.

From humble begginings in 2008 with the recording of his first demo EP Conscious Reality, Eskatology has gone on with subsequent releases Eskape Reality (2012) and A Dose of Reality (2013).

The final in his “Reality” series will be the anticipated 2015 release “Reality Check” set to be Eskatology’s best work to date.