For fans of:J.Cole, Drake, Lil Wayne
DYoung AKA Every Rapper’s Fear. 20 Years Old Born And Raised In Pittsburgh. Im A Rapper To Understand My Lyrics You Have To Understand My Life And What I Been Through. Im Undoubtably In My Eyes The Best. Been Rapping Since I Was Young But It Was For Fun. Now I Put My TIme, Dedication, Heart, and Life All In. I Work Harder At My Career Than Any Other Person Doing It. I Will Be Remembered As A Legend. For Now Ima Grind It Out, Keep Makin Great Music, And Put On For My Great City. Working On The Future Right Now With MTG And We Been Getting It In. When I’m Up, There Is No Coming Down. This Is My Life Get With It Or Get Stepped On. I Am Every Rapper’s Fear And I’m Here To Take Over. For Booking, Feat, Or Contact Email RealDYoung@yahoo.com follow on twitter @dyoung412 #RN #RS #GRG #MTG #YOUNGLIFE #ERF #PGH #412MUSIC #Live100