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What Do Angels Dream

What Do Angels Dream by Exalted Dirt
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For fans of:Tryumphall, Narnia, SoullHunter, Metallica, Iron Maiden
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  1. What Do Angels Dream
  2. What Do Angels Dream (Instrumental)

WHAT DO ANGELS DREAM?Lyrics by Brian Williams (editted by Corey Finney)

What do angels dream While lying in their hospital beds? Do they chase butterflies Or laugh at the silly monkeys at the zoo?

Hanna, Oh Hanna...

I should have been there Holding your tiny little hand, Instead of fighting for freedom In someone else's land, But a man has to do What he has to do, If he dares to stand tall, Raising his hand.

My little girl, you looked so helpless, But you smiled through all your pain. I wish I could have held you close And made it all go away.

Hanna, Oh Hanna...

It hurt me to see you that way; I was so very far away. It's hard enough to be a soldier, But it's harder to be a part-time father.

They only gave you a few months; It seemed so unfair to me, But then they showed optimism With new treatments to try on you.

Hanna, Oh Hanna...

I hoped I was just dreaming, And that you were still at home. I bet Butterscotch misses you, And all your friends from school.

Just hang in there, baby; I'm almost home!

I was on my way to see you When my phone began to ring. It was the last call I could ever imagine: My Hanna, my baby! You had passed away.

I guess your pain was too great. I tried, but I was just too late. Your fight for life was over, And your suffering was no more,

But I was only a half block away.

What do angels dream While lying in their hospital beds? -------------------------------

(The cover image is composed using royalty-free photos taken from imagesource.com)

"What Do Angels Dream" is a work of fiction. It is composed at 115 BPM in A minor, shifting between standard and harmonic modes. I played around with the darker sounding Phrygian modes in E which are related to the mentioned A minor scales, attempting to indicate the pull of the main character's military duty to the Arabian deserts, which was keeping him away from his terminally ill daughter. Brian Williams is a coworker of mine at JLG Industries. Knowing I was a musician and recording artist, he shared the lyrics of this song with me. I told him the theme of the lyrics seemed like perfect country music material, but I also told him I have a general hatred of country music. He told me to do what I want with it, saying that there was no way he could take the time to express how he heard it in his mind. So well over a year ago I began the task of putting music to someone else's poetry for the first time. It was difficult for me to really get started on. I editted some of the phrasing to give it better poetic flow. I had recently begun using Ableton Live for all my programming/ arranging, but no instrument sounds I could find sounded right to me. I finally discovered from playing around with the new software that Live has a built-in grand piano synthesizer. I liked the way it sounded, so I began laying down some beginning parts to the song. After that, nothing I found satisfied me concerning the feeling I was trying to present in the song. I placed the composition to the side for awhile, not really being sure what to do with it. Several months passed, and some unwanted drama, which I will not discuss, took center stage in my life for awhile. I wanted to finish the composition and move on to the next thing, so I finally went online searching for something that would work for me. I downloaded a bunch of random instrument definition torrents, hoping to find anything I could use. I finally discovered the violin sound you can now hear. After wasting all that time being dissatisfied with what I was accomplishing, it was almost a year from the time Brian gave me the go for this song that I really started working on it. The closer I got to the end, the more time I invested in it, wanting only to finally complete it! So here it is! I decided to release an instrumental version of the song, which is a pattern I've followed with all my lyrical compositions following CALLING DOWN FIRE. I think this could easily be used as a game or movie soundtrack.

For fans of:Tryumphall, Narnia, SoullHunter, Metallica, Iron Maiden
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