Explorers Of The Dreamworld

For fans of:Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, Leonard Cohen, Wu-Tang, Eminem


[ Machete Maxwell The Savage ] - The steaks (rhymes).

[ Blind Unkle Vernon ] - The eggs (beats).

The often told mysterious tales of EXPDRMWRLD has recently grown to the attention of critics since the dawn of the pandemic . Arisen through the scum and filth has been an extensive catalogue (most of which was self-designed/packaged/distributed on their own & nearly impossible to find today) that is rumored to be around 3,000 songs. This figure is unknown however, due to the separate claims of each member - with Machete Maxwell shouting they've recorded 1 million songs together, while Unkle Vernon seemingly unsure, shrugs and says "... this many" [holds up six fingers].

Ask any Portlandia native and most are familiar with the group and their grass-root network of supporters known as "Explorers". However, little is actually known about the Hip-Hop duo, who are now releasing their catalog online. What IS known is that they are lifelong friends who began recording songs together 20years ago at age 11 [?] and have developed a big enough following and sold enough tapes/Cd's on the street to support themselves today despite being off the grid. As a local music journalist in their community, I'm not alone when I say I am beyond anxious and curious to finally be able to hear their music as they go about re-releasing their catalogue online. Readers should be aware that if they come across any EXPDRMWRLD limited edition mixtapes, these will be very rare and someday worth a substantial amount!


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