Faith Morley

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Hey Guys, Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy my music and that it will inspire you on your journey! Once upon a time when I was 17 years old I set out on a journey of faith which led me to nations including Wales, India, Albania, and the USA doing mission/charity work! The debut album is a collection of songs which reflect the joy and hope that I have found in knowing what it's like to encounter the love, grace and miraculous power of God. My heart is that others will enjoy the music and grasp the wonderful mystery and delight of knowing the truth about the Great story we were all created for! Every one of us has a journey to live out and lessons to learn in this life! You were created with a purpose and a destiny and it is my prayer that these songs will inspire you to receive all that You were meant to be in this life and the next! My debut album is entitled ‘Morning Star’ and is now available at all major internet outlets including Noise Trade.

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To stay Creative, Independent and yet sustainable as an artist is a real balancing act. But through fans connecting, sharing songs and videos and subscribing to the various social networks this really does help to circulate the news!

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It does cost money to make this album as with everything and I would really love to record a new one this year. I'm also setting up a mini tour around the UK and if this goes well, we will look to branching further out with live invitations and gigs. When people buy the album or give donations it really helps a lot to make life more sustainable as an Artist and helps me to fund further projects and protect my time to work on the music. If you like CD's there is also a hardcopy release and 12-page booklet available to purchase at

Every blessing on you Journey