For fans of:Opeth, Katatonia, At The Gates

Fall is a progressive/melodic/death metal band from Portland, Texas. Being strongly influenced by the sound of Scandinavian Metal; signs of acts such as Opeth, At the Gates, and Soilwork lay origin alongside their own unique blend of sounds. In 2010 after various rough recordings and a demo of their first 3 songs, the band begun to perform on the open mic nights hosted by local venues. Having recieved positive feedback, they began to book shows all over the state of Texas. They have shared the stage with acts such as Helstar, Periphery, The Human Abstract, The Contortionist, Textures, Fallujah, and Aegaeon; Each band having personally commended Fall's performance. In early 2011 an online friendship with Jon Howard (Vocalist of Threat Signal) formed, and talk begun of recording an EP in Jon's studio. In October of 2011, the band flew to Hamilton, Ontario, for a week to record their EP. The EP consisted of 3 tracks, including "From Ashes", which featured the guest vocal work of Bjorn "Speed" Strid of Soilwork. On March 28, 2012 the band released their self-titled EP. Since the EP's release the band's fan-base not only has grown throughout the US, but has reached parts of the world such as Hungary and Chile, in which they were met with great reviews and positive feedback. The band is currently in the process of booking a tour of the US West Coast in order to promote their EP, and prove to the metal community that they can survive as a band on the road, while at the same time delivering powerful performances each and every night, surpassing this stepping stone leading to the sucession of Fall into the metal world