For fans of:16Volt, Chemlab, Nine Inch Nails, The Sisters of Mercy, Katatonia

Februum (sometimes stylized as FEBRVVM) is a predominately industrial rock act, influenced by a wide range of music genres, which include doom metal, black metal, post-metal and… well, looks like the range is not that wide after all.

Februum has released only one EP, so it is extremely hard to provide a sufficient bio at this point. Not much has happened with Februum musically. A debut EP is there, it is called Secretly Dreaming of Freezing to Death and it features four songs with ridiculously long names. The second EP is in the works, just like the third one. Both will feature a slightly different approach towards the musical material. Essentially, there is a set of songs and demos, composed by Februum over the years. And now all of this is getting finished, mixed and assembled into mini-albums that kind of share the same vibe. Februum also released the first video off the debut EP, the song’s name is I Wish I Could Believe in Transmigration. It could be simply titled “Transmigration”, but that’s too short and too normal. Also it may trick the listener into thinking that this is song is about… you know, transmigration. It is not. The video features some beautiful meditative (or screensaver-style) footage collected over the years in different countries, which then was distorted by glitch effects. It was followed by the music video for the track Do You Remember Things That Never Happened?