Fernando Mora Ángel

For fans of:Arjona, Illapu, Serrat, Jaivas, Inti Illimani

Guitar player, composer and poet, born in Envigado (an small city near to Medellin, Colombia) in 1972. Graduated from the University of Antioquia as Master in Guitar (2000), Systems Engineer (2014) and Master in Arts (2015).

As a poet, he has participated in several competitions in Colombia and has written poems that sing to the city, to the sense of being Latin American people, to identity, to the transformations of the environment, to the dynamics of the conurbation and the violence and exclusion that has Lived the Latin American people, especially that of Colombia. In his speech he seeks to combine elements of the literary traditions of the Spanish language with new senses coming from the transformations that language has experienced in the territory of his homeland.

In his musical work he seeks to combine traditions of the music of Colombia and America in a proposal that integrates features of erudite and popular music and experimental aspects related to extended techniques and contemporary compositional techniques. In addition, he takes advantage of music, his training as an engineer to explore the universe of electroacoustic music and the algorithmic generation of musical ideas derived from techniques of artificial intelligence, especially evolutionary computing. He has composed vocal and instrumental works for piano, guitar and tiple (an string instrument from Colombia) as soloist instruments, as well as chamber works that cover diverse styles ranging from Colombian Andean music and Latin American song to jazz, generative music and electroacoustic music. He has participated in several record productions as composer, arranger or instrumentalist.

In the educational and administrative field he has been Head of the Department of Music of the University of Antioquia, as teacher and Director of Planning of the Superior Technological School of Arts Débora Arango de Envigado and as vice-dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the Institute Technological Metropolitan of Medellín. He currently works as coordinator of the degree in music, teaching and researcher of the group “Regional musics” at the University of Antioquia. Among his recent publications as a member of the research group are live strings. Utopias of bandolas, tiples and guitars in Antioquia (2014) and Interlocking: dialogues and confluences of the traditional ropes in Antioquia, 1979-2012, 2015 (2015).