Fire the Sun

For fans of:Fit For a King, Silent Planet, Unearth, Saving Grace, Rise Against

Hailing from the West coast of Southern California, Fire the Sun is bringing an aggressive and melodic style to their genre. Having members who spent years in the metalcore scene touring and releasing records they are now bringing a crushingly heavy and ear-grabbing approach in the vein of Shai Hulud, The Refused, and Rise Against. Staying true and brutally honest about their beliefs the band leaves no room for apology in being a Christian group. With lyrics dealing from conquering sin and addictions through the blood of Jesus Christ to walking in the power of the Holy Spirit the band is poised to rein in a new era of what it means to be walking as a Christian hardcore group. Vocalist Kyle Laughlin being baptized just a few months before the recording of their debut release ‘An Evolution in the Creation of a New Self Being’ sums up what Fire the Sun is all about…renewal and rebirth. “We want to be light to everyone no matter where we are and through whatever means we have…in this case it is through our music,” guitarist Matt Lafferty says. Recorded by renowned producer Paul Miner (THRICE, ATREYU, TERROR, UNEARTH, NEW FOUND GLORY) in Orange County at Buzzbomb Studios. An Evolution in the Creation of a New Self Being is a heavy debut that is weighing in as a force to be reckoned with. Fire the Sun is a fast paced rocking experience forging their way onto the tip of the iceberg in the heavy music scene. All things aside there is one message being proclaimed and that is the gospel and love of Jesus Christ. Listen and Enjoy.


Kyle Laughlin (Vocals) - Matt Lafferty (Guitar) - Chris Bennett (Guitar) - Sean Traylor (Bass) - Kevin van Ouwerkerk (Drums)