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LAMAR JONES: went from the church choir to launching a mentoring program and a independent music career, all for the love of his Creator and music. Raised in South Florida, and honing his craft in numerous venues and arenas all across the United States, Jones took the discipline of choir rehearsal to the stage and at the same time began to show youngsters how ambition can pull you out of a rough neighborhood and upbringing “Them L Jones” is definitely grown folks music in an "80's baby" package. An interesting combination that will keep fans coming back. If you weren't aware that Miami Florida had its own, evolving, unique R & B style, then this young talent is probably the best way to introduce new listeners to it. And from the look of things, 2012 and beyond are going to be great years for music lovers who miss the Motown music days and are looking for soul music that has a similar heart and feel to it.