Forked Deer Homeschool Parade

For fans of:Sufjan Stevens, Josh Garrels, Pinegrove, American Football, Judah and the Lion

Forked Deer Homeschool Parade is from the city of Jackson, TN. He has written, recorded, and produced all of his own music, which you'll find here, within his home studio in Jackson. Why? Because he's cheap. Kidding. He was born and raised in Tennessee with roots deeply planted. Yes, he was homeschooled. As his name states, he does not want to detract from his roots. How he was raised has made him who he is today. More than anything else, he wants to be a man of integrity. He is a Christian, and yes, his lyrics are saturated with Christianly living and topics relating to the struggle and joy thereof. He is a singer/songwriter with pop, punk, and folk influences (I am not punk) enclosed in a blend of guitar, piano, and electronic sounds. He wrote this bio.