Friday Night Music Club

For fans of:The Civil Wars, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Adele, Bon Jovi

Friday Night Music Club was created by a handful of song writers that came together on a project and never left.

Each member had ideas that were so different from each other that it created an excitement and desire to merge styles and learn from each other.

John's a huge Beatles fan. Tiffany's an amazing country singer and poet. Scott's a rock singer and keyboardist and Jon is into punk and folk music.

The music that will come from FNMC is going to simply be the product of artists enjoying the process of song writing and the journey that it takes them on.

Many styles of music but all from the same core people.

The band is unsigned and welcomes opportunities to help their music reach a bigger audience.


Tiffany Childers: Vocals, lyrics.

Scott Clark,: Vocals, Lyrics, Pianos, Keys

Jonathan Legg:, Guitars, Percussion, Keys

John Hodsoll: Bass


You can add Scott as a friend for exclusive and direct access to FNMC. Be welcomed into his family of friends, get news, inner circle music releases, videos, or just jump in and talk about what's on your mind.