Garnet Fehr

For fans of:Lang Lang, Frederic Chopin, Franz Liszt, Antonin Dvorak, Beethoven
I have taken to a style of playing that I am sure most artists avoid without even giving it a thought. That is improvisational playing. I don’t actually like the word “improvisational” because I feel it only speaks to a small factor of the music. The music is not random, or off-the-cuff, it is intentional, but what brings it into the improvisational territory is that it is also unscripted. Meaning in the moment, from one note to the next, I don’t know where the song is going; but somehow it meets its mark. I only play when I feel inspired to do so. It is my faith and my walk with God that fuels my creativity and my desire to create music. It is my personal conviction that all the treasures of true wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Christ. It is my goal, to voice through music, the wonderful things I have found in Christ – and to invite people to embark on this journey with me. You can get the entire album for only $2.99 from CD Baby (link below). Thank you, Garnet